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Abundance Alchemy!  ReSource Yourself: Wealth Consciousness for the New Economy.

June 1 @ 9:00 am - June 22 @ 5:00 pm





Creating Prosperity from the Inside Out. Activate your Power using Quantum Creative Tools!

It is no doubt that we are in highly revolutionary, evolutionary times! And you as a creator are being soulfully called to your divine inheritance.


In this 4 week online course you are invited to surrender your scarcity programs and the lack consciousness that has plagued your creative gifts, passion and purpose for lifetimes and learn how to alchemize your trapped emotions, trauma, pain, fear and survival programs into the life, love and business that you know deep down in your soul and hearts desire are on FIRE for you to co+create.


I am going to teach, share my perspective and activate your prosperity consciousness with real life experiences as a multidimensional artist, healer and quantum creator, business owner for 13 years and as a mother to Sophie, 4.  This is for you if you are ready to do your part. If your committed to put in the deep soul work. If you are ready to be a conduit of love in action and take a stand for the world that you want to live in.


The old is dying, and the old you is dying too!  This is a glorious rebirth of epic proportions and if you hold on to the old, you will create more suffering, if you act now and be proactive you will be equipped to evolve in these highly changing times.


The time is now to break the cycles of abuse within and without that keep you stuck in bondage of other peoples expectations, conditions and visions of you…a bondage of your own creation.

Are you Ready?


Here is the scoop:

This is for serious co+creators. If you are unwilling to take 100% responsibility for what is coming up for you, this course is not for you.  We will be journeying through some sacred art alchemy and your full potential is required in this vortex.  This will activate your power as a conscious creator and if your unwilling to get this part, I am unable to help you.  Please read the letter I wrote to clients on how to get the best out of our work together. Your participation is required. This is not a passive paradigm of healing and growth. Your energy is required.

This is for those ready to break the chain of pain and out of the co+dependent relational way of being and into true co+creation, abundance and sovereignty.

This is not an online course where you can just drop in and say hello occasionally and hide out from doing the real work that is required,  this requires your full participation, to show up, be seen, be willing to grow, confront the deeper parts of you that may need healing and transformation and be willing to give it all that you have got or else, let’s be honest …you will just keep on doing what you have always done and creating more scarcity, lack and denial.  If you are reading this – you are not here for that!!!  So make a decision a whole body decision to back an abundant life.

This is really for those who want to break through that 3rd dimensional experience of prosperity (blame shame guilt game, victim – perpetrator, good vs evil etc.) and into the infinite love and abundance that is available to you now as a Co-Creator.  Where you get to be the steward of your life force, your health, your money, your wealth, your abundance everything because you have finally come home to yourself as a powerful Co-Creator with life.

And nothing outside of you can affect that. Not even a pandemic. Or an abusive family or partner. Or government.

I am going to share with you they keys I have found…

This is abundance and prosperity in the 5th dimensional frequency where your vibration is your currency.  Your consciousness is your frequency and this is the worthiest investment of your time and energy…because everything you have, do or experience comes from this essence, the essence and expansion of you.  This is a necessary paradigm shift t root yourself back into soul!

We will deep dive right into the following for the next 4 weeks with the following Abundance Activations:

WEEK 1 Wealth Consciousness Activation – Shifting from Scarcity to Prosperity  in your mind thought and deed– Waking up to WEALTH: Why joy is your birthright and essential for your freedom and abundance. Making this paradigm shift is deep because we have been collectively swimming in it for so long, but you can shift out of it if you look at it multidimensional and with quantum tools I will show you how, to and fast…!

WEEK 2 Soul’s Purpose Activation – Activation of your Creative Gifts & Channel

Break free of any fear or trapped trauma keeping you from lining up your energy with your calling and backing your gifts. Step into your Full-Self Expression without apology!

WEEK 3 YOU ARE WORTHY…Rooting in the Heart: Money and the E-motional + Practical, Physical aspects of the New Economy: What does this mean for you?  How is your life going to, need to change? What is your role? How are you being called to lead?

WEEK 4 Its all in the Plan + Flow  baby!  As a Sovereign Creator being now what you are you going to create, now that you have unlocked these prosperity codes, alchemized what was holding you back and are ignited to be an agent of CHANGE?

+ 4 Weekly Activation calls + Weekly Alchemy in Action Calls! These are LIVE (all recorded)  group coaching calls where we do a group clearing with  Creative Alchemy ™ together collectively as a group to express, transmute and evolve any blocks, triggers or resistance showing up and then do laser coaching with Melissa on how real life scenarios and how to ground this shift I your every day life and business.

+ PLUS -You will also receive my Abundant Creative E- Course  Version 1+2 as a BONUS. 12 calls. And a guidebook to take you deeper into your Wealth Consciousness along with my favorite wealth consciousness books for creatives to end the starving artist myth and healer martyr myth.

—> And you can access it NOW, right when you click the purchase options below.

Early bird investment is super special affordable at $333 for the 4 week course when you enroll by 4/22/20.  After this the investment is $888 for the four week course.

To upgrade your enrollment to private mentoring in addition to this course please purchase the course and then click here to apply.  Monthly private messenger mentoring and a 1 month private mentoring immersion with me is available.  This is unlimited support to elevate you into a new reality, out of scarcity for good…once you have mastered your own energy you will be able to alchemize anything into gold, love, light and abundance.

We begin on 6/1/20.  I look forward to Activating a New LEVEL of abundance, for all with you!


with abundant creative love,












June 1 @ 9:00 am
June 22 @ 5:00 pm