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Ancestral Alchemy ™ Virtual Intensive

February 12 @ 8:00 pm


Transmute the Trauma… Free your Future


With this weekend’s L e o M o o n …

It’s a perfect time to lead you through the…


A n c e s t r a l   A l c h e m y ™  P r o c e s s




Is it challenging for you to set boundaries? (masculine principle, Father wound)


Do you have a hard time being compassionate with yourself, yet you can give so much compassion to other people? (feminine principle, Mother wound)


Do you lack trust in your intuition, following your own soul’s guidance and prefer to listen to other people’s guidance over your own deep core knowing– so you don’t have to fully take responsibility for your life’s choices (and for your success)?  ( both feminine and masculine principles)


Do you struggle with taking inspired action on the things that you know are required for your success? (masculine principle)


Do you let fear take over your focus? (masculine principle)


Do you repress your emotions and feelings to ‘keep the peace’, putting a mask on covering your heart out of protection from how you really feel? (feminine wound/principle)


If you resonate with any of these – take heart, you are not alone, I used to as well!  And it was blocking my creative flow, leaking my life force energy, my full self-expression keeping me resentful, burnt out and depressed…


You don’t have to stay stuck! You can choose to be the change and empower yourself, liberate yourself and reclaim your life force from deep subconscious patterns on the masculine and feminine energetic lines within you.


There are usually subconscious trauma imprints or karmic—energetic patterns either lived or inherited that are blocking the full expression of the masculine and feminine principles within you.


And the truth is. We ALL, male AND female have both polarities. It’s what makes our wholeness. It’s the energetic principles that make up the Universe, yin, and yang, right and left brain, masculine and feminine principles which make up creation.

When we have trauma, aspects of our selves that have been fragmented off, or denied, underdeveloped or become repressed and this is what creates a block/gap/or hole leaking out or life force energy!  Sometimes it’s our trauma and sometimes is learned behavior!  Copping mechanisms and relational patterns, addictions that keep us regressing instead of progressing!


It up to us to evolve, no one else.


Claim your liberation and wholeness – learn to shift within to create without.


 —————> Some of the Benefits of this process are as follows: <——————


  • Clearing away faulty belief systems
  • Release of blocks to soul growth & authentic expression
  • The ability to release replace behavioral patterns & addictions with more loving patterns
  • Breaking the cycle of dis-eases that get pasted down
  • Accelerated spiritual growth and development
  • Transform past programing
  • Transmute past trauma
  • Alchemizing Karmic Patterns on the ancestral line ( breaking generational curses)
  • Breaking free of negative patterns from past lives, birth trauma, or other collective imprints
  • Greater capacity to express and attract love and abundance in all areas of your life
  • A greater sense of joy, freedom and inner peace
  • Stopping the chain of pain
  • Lifting of mental fog and emotional heaviness
  • Looking and feeling younger by slowing the aging process
  • Evolving Epigenetics ( the ability to affect your DNA)
  • Feeling clear and free
  • Freedom of expression
  • Increased manifestation
  • Empowered e-motional maturation
  • Increased creative life force energy, genius, and expression


I will be hosting a 2-3 hour L I V E Karmic Alchemy Session on the Ancestral line to free your full self-expression. I’ve never done just the Ancestral line alone… this is my gift to YOU. Don’t miss out on this special offer!


Join me this Saturday, February 8th/Sunday, February 9th and we can begin this process together. 




We are going to clear the patterns that repeat on the ancestral line.


Anything from disease, emotional trauma, mental illness, addiction, abandonment, betrayal, pain… anything that is still activated on that bloodline that is showing up for you.


Anything that’s blocking your full self-expression.

On behalf of your ancestors…

It’s time to evolve & reclaim the life force from those patterns.

We all have deep deep trauma and wounds … on our bloodline, that hold us back from living our full potential.

It’s deep it’s subconscious and it’s not our fault, or theirs, but it is OUR responsibility as conscious creators…to liberate ourselves and F R E E our legacy as well.


It’s time to BE THE CHANGE.

Remember… We are the first generation to have the resources, the tools, the cautiousness to B R E A K THE CYCLE

& reclaim our soul’s life force & potential.


It’s our EVOLUTION, baby!

Let’s model it for our children.

Clear our bloodlines of past pain and trauma.

THIS is how we change the w o r l d


Join me this Saturday and/or Sunday (depending on where you are in the world)


Let’s get to the R O O T

It’s a creative journey!

It’s a  s a c r e d  alchemical p r o c e s s


Remember with this virtual retreat I’ll be working with clients from all over the WORLD! Below are my main time zones and what time it will be streaming in your city ———–>


New York: February 8th at 8:00 p.m.

Los Angeles: February 8th at 5:00 p.m.

Dallas: February 8th at 7:00 p.m.

Sydney: February 9th at 12:00 p.m.

London: February 9th at 1:00 a.m.

Bali: February 9th at 9:00 a.m. (from the FUTURE…)



Click below to enroll NOW!

& you will be gifted with your pre-work document to prepare for this weekend⚡️⚡️⚡️



The full pay investment is $1111.  This includes the live intensive clearing session, replay, private FB group, and guidebook along with one month of weekly Creative Alchemy ™ group coaching calls for integration & support.


Payment Plan Available –  six payments of $222 every two weeks for a total of $1332

E-Mail Mia at mia@firetreestudios.com if you would like to set this up!


Can’t wait to work with ————-> Y O U and guide you through this potent, shamanic alchemical multi-dimensional soul journey that will undoubtedly unlock your next level of potential, expression, and empowerment as a conscious creator! 



Praise & Love for the Ancestral Alchemy ™ & Karmic Alchemy™ Experience


“Magical transformative one on one workshop dispelling family patterns; mother – father, male-female, finances, ancestral… cracking the ice to greater depths. Swimming in the waters of past imperfect grammar of the soul. Letting deep-seated issues surface to be dispelled.

Then purging further as the year progressed; expirations released to the ceremonial fire. Echos of ancient shamanic practices. Transmuting beyond words to high ground. Diving into the depths, facing the blocks, moving through resistance, uncovering layers of limiting beliefs, patterns, learned behaviors, survival mechanisms – no longer serving me.

It took courage and persistence and a considerable investment of time, energy, finances, and commitment”

– Elizabeth Shands, International Healer, Certified Creative Alchemist ™


“No one has ever been able to hold space for me, like Melissa.  She is a wise and knowledgeable multi-dimensional guide, with the ability to both activate and support me in my true creative spiritual power, to release what no longer serves me, so I felt clear and inspired to surrender my ego & pain and live a soul-led life.  Her unique form of coaching, alchemy, and art was the missing piece I was looking for. ”

-Simon P.


“My work with Melissa and the Ancestral Alchemy modality of transformation has been truly profound. Through this work, I have been able to unlock immense reservoirs of creativity, self-love, and strength, while also coming more deeply into alignment with my Sovereignty than ever before. Ancestral Alchemy is a vehicle for deep and lasting transformation and Melissa is a powerful, inspiring, and incredibly gifted way-shower who brings empowerment, light, and beauty to the world through her work. ”

– Alexandria Pharos



February 12
8:00 pm