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Abundance Alchemy: Create Your Own Economy

February 1 - March 8

elevate your mind, elevate your money.

Abundance Alchemy:  Learn to Create Your Own Economy on the New Earth grid

As the old economic systems begin to dissolve and recalibrate, we are waking up to where we have given our creative power away to an often-inequitable system, that is rooted in imbalance from its very core essence. Our current, global economy is rooted in slavery, bondage and victimization and we all have participated in this.  We have made money our GOD, our SOURCE for safety, security and survival.  Vs. a tool for our Spirit and soul purpose.  The New Earth economy requires this rewire. Are you ready to anchor it in co+creations?

Now it is time to elevate ourselves out of it.

But how, do you ask? It’s actually really simple. Yet not always easy to implement if you are unwilling to do the inner work, the soul work and prioritize it to learn to create your own sovereignty, from the inside out.

It will require you to be self-responsible. Emotionally. Spiritually. Soul-fully. Creatively. Consciously Energetically responsible. Responding-to-your-ability.

It is a matter of consciousness.  A limited economy is a limited creator consciousness.

In this 6 weeks soulful creative business journey we will dive into the aspects of consciousness and creation that are required for anchoring in your personal economy (think parallel reality) in a 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond.   Your sovereignty rests in this foundation because if you are still prey to a falling economy rooted in greed, fear, control and manipulation. 

Become the solution and Be the change.

Take your power back.  For you. For the children. For all.


Own your soul’s blueprint, purpose, passion and gifts 

Claim your creative potency

Elevate your money mindset and wealth consciousness for abundance in every aspect of life.

Embody self-love and self-validation like you never have before…

Learn a powerful quantum creative tool for soul retrieval, retrieve dormant aspects of self, fractured from cultural, generational and gender based repressed traumas.

Powerful MONEY Karmic CLEARING & balancing, call your creative power back from Money as a false god, claim your freedom, in divine neutrality restoring peace with a karmic alchemy process on money.

5D rt/lft brain business plan rooted in wholeness and co+creative relationships

Learn to Resource Your-Self from the Inside Out. Discover how to create the feelings and frequencies of safety, security and sovereignty from the inside out. So within So without. So you are no longer co+dependent with money. Money works for you.

Embody a multi-dimensional approach to money, and abundance rooted in wholeness

Discover how to sell soulfully in the new economy

I am so excited for this course!  The new creation codes, freedom codes and abundance codes are here…do you feel them? They are calling you… these crystalline frequencies of a higher order need YOU and ME to ground, create take inspired action to create the grids of the new economy.  Can you feel it?

I love this journey so much because I get to give you the keys, to unlock what is already within you and activate a whole new realm of possibility for you, your family, and everyone around you.  The ripple affects of learning to create your own economy are profound!  Life changing. And this investment (if you act-ivate it and implement on soul purpose) will multiply in abundance for you and your tribes like never before. 

It is first and foremost all about energy, we will deep dive into your energetics, programs and distortions in your energy field and discover what is out of balance.  Where you are still leaking energy/money in limited beliefs, patterns attachments and old programs/paradigms. Then we will creative from this new found place of wholeness and higher self.  What is your highest vision? What do you desire?  Where can you elevate your money with your investments of time energy, focus and $$$.

Then we will divine into business plan creation that aligns with your soul’s highest expression, for this is the most abundant contribution you can make with your essence. You get to make it work for you. You back it with your soul power and alignment. Your protection energetically speaking lies in this integration and commitment to live on purpose.

This is how you create your own e-conomy, you must starve the old one. There is a letting go of the old way, a releasing of sorts of relationships, vendors, services, companies that do not serve your soul.   

How do you heal a dysfunctional relationship? You starve it. And you say good-bye to the you that participated. You take responsibility for your part, releasing the victimization, focus on what you can control …and do your inner work and evolve, devoted to a higher standard of relationships, money, and economy.

This is how we be the change.  Will you join me?


You will receive:

6 weekly activation calls (all recorded) 

6 weekly alchemy in action coaching calls

private Facebook group

Quantum Creative Tool and Activation for transmuting pain into higher frequencies using paint and paper.

Bonus: The Abundant Creative E-Course, get started now on rewiring your wealth consciousness for creatives, healers, artists.

This is abundance and prosperity in the 5th dimensional frequency where your vibration is your currency.  Your consciousness is your frequency and this is the worthiest investment of your time and energy…because everything you have, do or experience comes from this essence, the essence and expansion of you.  This is a necessary paradigm shift t root yourself back into soul!

We will deep dive right into the following for the next 6 weeks with the following Abundance Activations:

WEEK 1 Wealth Consciousness Activation – Shifting from Scarcity to Prosperity in your mind thought and deed:

Waking up to WEALTH: Why joy is your birthright and essential for your freedom and abundance. Making this paradigm shift is deep because we have been collectively swimming in it for so long, but you can shift out of it if you look at it multidimensional and with quantum tools I will show you how, to and fast…!


Elevate your Money mindset and evolve your money trauma. Debt Forgiveness.  Reap the gold in the lessons of past money mistakes. Returning to peace. Shifting from fear to love and stepping into all forms of abundance.

WEEK 3 Soul’s Purpose Activation – Activation of your Creative Gifts & Contribution:

Break free of any fear or trapped trauma keeping you from lining up your energy with your calling and backing your gifts. Step into your Full-Self Expression without apology!


Release the old economy Elevating your relationships to sustain and expand your energy flow.

WEEK 5 Claiming our Wholeness:

Activating the Trinity Essence in Abundance codes, Creation and Freedom codes.

WEEK 6 It’s all in the Plan + Flow baby!:

Creating the new economy your soul support, biz plan, the bones, structure and frame work of your personal economy. As a Sovereign Creator being now what you are you going to create, now that you have unlocked these prosperity codes, alchemized what was holding you back and are ignited to be an agent of CHANGE?

+ 6 Weekly Activation calls + Weekly Alchemy in Action Calls!

These are LIVE (all recorded)  group coaching calls where we do a group clearing with  Creative Alchemy ™ together collectively as a group to express, transmute and evolve any blocks, triggers or resistance showing up and then do laser coaching with Melissa on how real-life scenarios and how to ground this shift in everyday life and business.

+ PLUS -You will also receive my Abundant Creative E- Course  Version 1+2 as a BONUS.

12 calls. And a guidebook to take you deeper into your Wealth Consciousness along with my favorite wealth consciousness books for creatives to end the starving artist myth and healer martyr myth.

—> And you can access it NOW, right when you click the purchase options below.

The investment is $888 for the 6-week course. Easy payment plan options are also available.



2 Monthly Payments


3 Monthly Payments


To upgrade your enrollment to include private mentoring to support you in implementing and self-accountability, in addition to this course please purchase the course and then click here to apply.  Monthly private messenger mentoring and a 6-week private mentoring immersion with me is available.  This is unlimited support to elevate you into a new reality, out of scarcity for good…once you have mastered your own energy you will be able to alchemize anything into gold, love, light and abundance.

We begin on 2/1/21.  I look forward to Activating a New LEVEL of abundance, for all with you!

with abundant creative love,

© 2020 all rights reserved melissa d’antoni


February 1
March 8
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Virtual Course


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