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The FLOW Initiation: Women’s New Year Retreat in Bali

January 3, 2020 @ 8:00 am - January 7, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

This 5 Day Retreat in on the enchanting island of Bali is a catalyst for change by opening you up to the power of FLOW. You will be supported, challenged and invited into a new reality. As your heart grows with trust, presence and willingness, and with FLOW in action, you will be invited to release into the creative fire all that no longer serves you. The flames of transformation will dissolve the sabotaging beliefs that have been stopping you from the life that lives in your dreams, so you may be reborn anew. You will unveil the golden keys to creating even more space for yourself, so you can truly begin to do what you came here for, living in your full glory and with complete self-expression.


You are not here by accident: the world needs your vision, creativity and medicine, woman! Now is not the time to dim your light but to turn it on so brightly that you lead the way for yourself, as well as others.

It is time.

Join me for five days of soul retrieving and karmic releasing of all that is holding you back from your sovereign divinity—from being fully embodied and wholly (holy) YOU. Clear, release and alchemize unhealed trauma patterns that are blocking you from grounding your vision and mission in this life time, and your full embodiment.

This life-changing retreat will help you transform patterns, such as:

  • Fear of being fully seen or taking your place in the world
  • Addiction
  • Abuse/Toxic or unfulfilling relationships
  • Needing to be saved or rescued (by rescuing others) in order to feel loved or worthy
  • Feeling responsible for other people’s well-being and forfeiting your own (codependency)
  • Scarcity stories that tell you that you’re not enough and keep you broke, stuck and sick and tapped out ( i.e  there is never enough, love, money, time, connection)
  • Feeling stagnant in life
  • Infertility
  • Generational trauma and pain that is passed down through the generations until the cycle is broken
  • Reoccurring health issues that don’t heal
  • Infertility
  • Betrayal
  • Unable to receive love, support, and abundance.

No more suffering. No more stewing in your shame, your pain, your story. It’s time to let it all go. It’s time to free yourself, because no one else can do that for you. And when we take that bold and courageous step to free ourselves, we free the whole world around us. And, in doing so, we change the world.

Are you willing to take the journey of your desire? 

Your perception of your ‘deservability’ will test you. Are you worth it?  Only you can decide that; the answer won’t come from outside of you. Do YOU believe you are worthy of your destined life as an agent of change, love and revolution? I know you are. Will you meet me here on the island where your dreams will become your reality?  Say…YES.  Decide. It is the very first step to things changing for you.

The Details.

The Flow Initiation Retreat in Bali: The Journey of The Worthy, Wealthy Wild Woman. Embody your worth, wealth and well-being from the inside out. Join me on this 5 Day immersion retreat as you catapult into a new reality of flow, freedom, joy, love and abundance. Claim your sovereignty and your right to RECEIVE allowing all that you desire to flow to you.


In order to do that we must match that flow state, we must step into healing, reclaiming and returning to a natural state of flow and evolution–harmony with the Universe. We only are able to do this when we surrender to our soul’s guidance and to a greater life force within GOD/LOVE/Creation/Source.  This retreat will give you a visceral experience of flow and we will release anything blocking your flow, using multi-dimensional creative tools to transmute pain into passion, power and purpose!

January 3 – 7, 2020

The retreat includes:

  • 5 days/4 nights at a private villa off the coast in Bali
  • Deliciously divine gourmet cuisine provided by our private local chef.
  • A sacred and creative journey of releasing all that holds you back, such as subconscious programming, karmic energy, and ancestral patterns on the family, feminine and financial lines.
  • The ancient, creative and alchemical tools, materials, guidance, laser coaching and accountability to release what you no longer need, so you can RECEIVE the fullness of you, your hearts desire and what you are here to do.
  • The safe and sacred witnessing of a small and intimate private group of sisters as you journey together and release past pain patterns into the fire to open to more joy, life, freedom, and the vitality to live your best life.
  • Time to rest, release, receive massages, take beach trips, hike, bike, and play in all the magic the island has to offer.
  • Other special surprises and gifts.


$3333 for a shared twin.

$4444 for a private King room.

$2222 for a shared bunk room!  






Say YES to this once in a lifetime retreat experience and travel adventure!*Includes accommodations, materials all gourmet healthy meals and one month of The Alchemy + Action weekly coaching calls for integration and support post retreat. **Travel not included.

*** Private Retreats in Bali also available during the month of January & February 2020. Please contact Melissa to design your private retreat.


****Refunds are unavailable for all Fire Tree Method, programs and LIVE events.  Please be committed to your investment in you.

Transform the past to ignite your future.


This potent creative soul retrieval process supports you to clear & release the trauma patterns and receive the gifts of your family, feminine and financial line. Essential steps in claiming your true sovereignty as an empowered divine woman.


  • Tap into Creative Flow
  • Express trapped emotions
  •  Clear and release limiting belief systems
  • Move through blocks
  • Find your voice, clarity and confidence to live your Divine Soul Purpose
  • Commit to yourself in a deeper way
  • Own Your Worth, Wisdom, Wealth AND Well-being from the inside out.
  • Claim your evolution & personal power from the past
  • Heal inner child wounds and have the courage to answer your calling
  • Become the Alchemist of your own life, turning everything into gold
  • Gain clarity, ownership and perspective on your value and worthiness
  • Let go of energetic patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Freeing any trapped trauma & emotions that are blocking your joy
  • Learn how to process your emotions in an empowering way
  • Experience more vitality, freedom and abundance in your life
  • Receive the gifts of your lineage
  • Experience your power as a woman
  • Learn a creative tool for clearing your own energy field

Love & Gratitude for The Initiation:  The Journey of the Wild, Worthy, Wealthy Woman.



January 3, 2020 @ 8:00 am
January 7, 2020 @ 5:00 pm