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The Sovereign Creative… Holi-day Special!

November 28, 2020 - December 1, 2020

Free yourself, this holiday season…

and end 2020 with a quantum leap into 2021.

Receive private coaching everyday from me for a month!  Whether its relationships, family, emotional empowerment, business clarity and results…This is the fastest way to break-free, breakthrough…because we deal with what is coming up for you in that moment!  You don’t need to wait for a booked session, we keep it all in real-time.

This program is 50% off the regular pricing for my 6 week program!

Its all in a private container, a private FB group ( or Voxer)  just you and me and you will receive coaching in the moment in real-time when you need it.  After offering transformational mentoring and coaching for  15 years, THIS is what I find gives people the BEST quantum leap results.

You don’t necessarily need more information, more programs, or even MORE tools.


What people truly need to create long lasting change and results is…

  • 1:1 support, intimacy, in support of a higher truth. Knowing someone is there for you and has your back with both compassion AND accountability, who gets your vision, sees the fullness of you.  THERE IS NO HIDING IN THIS EXPERIENCE.  Your 100% full self expression and participation is required.
  • True co+creation.  I am of the mind that the days of looking to someone else to heal you, validate you, do the work for you are long gone, true self-empowerment is a choice and it requires a collaborative relationship of both people honoring themselves AND the wholeness of each other.

  • Mutli-dimensional action and activations.   What this means is we are in a massive global awakening of consciousness and its inviting us all to wake up to our full Self-expression in every dimension of being, when we take action in new ways in our lives, we embody more of who we are and this is where the integration and alignment happens. If you are doing the same thing you have always done, you will get the same results.
  • Learn to harness your shadow.  Our shadow is not something to be afraid of…its where our dormant creative power resides…AND it needs your loving attention and alchemy to learn to transmute it into gold. You feel me?  This is essential
    for accessing a greater YOU. There is no way around it. You must DECIDE to be courageous, wholly loving of self and learn to transmute your pain into personal power.


Ready to dive in with me 1:1 for the next 4 weeks?  This will only be available for a short time, must be paid in full by Dec 1st, to receive this offer.


I wouldn’t wait…



To your wild, creative life,





November 28, 2020
December 1, 2020